History of Accomplishments



Shaken baby syndrome prevention programs were incorporated at the Child Abuse Prevention Center (CAPC) of Utah.


The First National Conference on Shaken Baby Syndrome was organized through the CAPC of Utah and was hosted in Salt Lake City, Utah after demand for information about SBS/AHT (Shaken Baby Syndrome/Abusive Head Trauma) grew. This conference drew over 750 participants including leading experts on SBS, medical professionals and family members of children who have been shaken.


The National Information, Support and Referral Service on Shaken Baby Syndrome, a service of the Child Abuse Prevention Center, was started in response to an overwhelming number of calls coming to the Center after sponsoring the First National Conference on Shaken Baby Syndrome in 1996.


In response to a national need for more information and training, the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome (NCSBS) separated from the CAPC of Utah and incorporated into a legal entity made possible through the generous funding from the Dr. W.C. Swanson Family Foundation. Also, in 2000, the NCSBS organized the International Advisory Board (IAB) who represents some of the most outstanding scientists and experts on SBS/AHT in the world and serves to advise the center staff on issues related to program development, testing and implementation and are actively involved in the design process for research and study conducted by the NCSBS.


The NCSBS organized the National Australian Conference on SBS hosted in Sydney, Australia. This conference was specifically designed for the benefit of Australian professionals, families and victims involved in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of SBS in the development and establishment of SBS prevention programs and marked the NCSBS’ first international conference.


The NCSBS received grants from The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and The George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation to conduct research on the SBS prevention program the Period of PURPLE Crying®, which to date would become the only empirically-tested SBS prevention program in the world.


The NCSBS marked its 10th anniversary of organizing the world’s most in-depth trainings in SBS/AHT by hosting the Sixth North American Conference on SBS in Park City, Utah.


The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation awarded a grant to the NCSBS for a 5-year research project in North Carolina to test the effects of the Period of PURPLE Crying® program. Also in 2007, the United States Department of Defense awarded a grant to the NCSBS to develop a military-specific SBS prevention kit. Finally in 2007, the Period of PURPLE Crying® program was released for sale to the public.


Utah becomes the first state in the U.S. to fully implement the Period of PURPLE Crying® program in all state hospitals and birthing centers.


The research testing the PURPLE materials through randomized controlled trials in Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, B.C. was published in Pediatrics, the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Also in 2009, the NCSBS received a signature grant from Humana Inc. to develop and implement a public education campaign that could be replicated in jurisdictions across North America. The NCSBS was selected as the recipient of the signature award by a panel of 15 business, community and civic leaders who choose three finalists from over 50 projects who concluded the NCSBS’s would receive the prestigious award.

Additionally in 2009, the NCSBS launched the new Period of PURPLE Crying parent resource website at www.PURPLEcrying.info. The new parent website provides visitors important evidence-based information written be renowned and respected world experts about a variety of child development topics including crying, sleeping, soothing and information for how to cope with the stress that can result from caring for a new infant. In Just over 1.5 years the website has received visits from over 100,000 people in 164 countries and continues to grow.


The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation awarded a grant to the NCSBS to develop a long term strategic plan for the Period of PURPLE Crying, development of a new crying, calming and coping video to supplement the PURPLE program DVD and upgrade of the PURPLE online training modules.


The NCSBS moved its offices from Ogden, Utah to Farmington, Utah to accommodate the growth of the organization.

Also in 2011, the NCSBS launched a new national public education initiative inviting knitters across the country to “click” their knitting needles together and help prevent infant abuse by making thousands of PURPLE colored baby caps. In conjunction with several US states and Canadian Provinces the NCSBS launch “CLICK for Babies” Period of PURPLE Crying caps to continue to spread awareness of normal infant crying and the dangers of shaking an infant. It is expected that the national initiative, only in its first few months, will generate over 20,000 PURPLE caps which will be distributed to babies during November.


Today, the Period of PURPLE Crying materials are implemented in over 800 hospitals and organizations in 49 states, 8 Canadian provinces and 1 territory, including 5 state-wide initiatives and a province-wide initiative in British Columbia, Canada. The NCSBS continues to lead the efforts to prevent SBS/AHT by investing in research, developing prevention programs and materials, and providing superior training venues through conferences and customized trainings.