Emily Bodily - Elijah's Story

Emily is the mother of Elijah, who was shaken by his biological father, Jason, at 16 months of age. After 4 long and valiant days Elijah passed away. During this time the NCSBS had begun tracking SBS/AHT cases around the world. The Center approached Emily to share Elijahís Story for the first documentary on shaken baby syndrome/abusive head trauma. She agreed. They began filming during Jasonís trial. Emily stated that this film was a way for her to help the community and the world understand what happens with SBS victims, family members and so many more who are thrown into a world they knew nothing about and have no desire to learn about. The debut of Elijah's Story was in September of 2000 at the 3rd National Conference on Shaken Baby Syndrome.

After filming concluded, Emily began giving presentations in schools and to community organizations sharing her story. She began working for NCSBS and stayed until she took a position with the Department of Child and Family Services. Emily is still a spokesperson for NCSBS and has traveled all around the world including, Australia, Canada and the USA, giving her story and helping others through theirs.

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