Upstate New York SBS Education Program

Hospital-Based (HB) SBS Prevention Programs Profiles
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Hospital/Hospital System Name : Upstate New York SBS Education Program
Address: 219 Bryant St Buffalo, NY 14222

Contact Person Name: K. Smith/ K deGuehery
Title: Nurse Coordinators
Address : WCHOB Kaleida Health 219 Bryant St Buffalo, NY 14222
Office Phone: 716-878-7441
Mobile Phone
Email: /

1. "Once Upon a Time..." - How, when, why you got started?

Started in December 1998 by Dr. mark Dias, a neurosurgeon at WCHOB. He had been taking care of several SBS victims, at same time he felt the frustration of being a new parent with late night feed with his newborn son. This is how the idea of the simple program began.

2. Program Overview -

  • Research project? Yes
  • Who teaches? Hospital and community physician office staff
  • Who taughtBoth mom and dads
  • Where taughtPost partum and MD offices
  • What taughtAAP SBS info sheet, poster, video, and commitment statement
  • How taughtPrior to hospital discharge, and first dr. visit
  • AudiovisualsVideo- 8 min
  • HandoutsAAP card, and crying card
  • Posters: yes- english and spanish
  • Program EvaluationData base of commitment statements and parent response cards- case are tracked in region
  • Follow uprandom set of 1% -phone calls- 7 months post birth

3. Your Hospital/Hospital System- WNY , FLR and Watertown region

  • States - New York State
  • # Hospitals- 34 Hospitals
  • # Family Birth Centers -None
  • # Annual Births- 35,000
  • # NICU's - 4
  • # ED's
  • # PICU's - NO
  • # Trauma Centers-NO
  • Prenatal Ed Program?-NO
  • Lactation Program?- NO
  • Postpartum Clinics- NO
  • Postpartum Support Groups/Classes?- NO
  • RN Answer Lines- Yes 716-878-7441
  • Prenatal Family Education binder or other publication?- NO

3a. Training/Inservicing - Nurse coordinators present program to nurse managers. They decided how they want staff trained. Inservice conducted as needed. Poster presentation, handouts with brief inservice.

  • In-house medical staff - NO
  • In-house nursing staff - Yes
  • Community/public health activity-NO
  • Community outreach to medical networks-Physicians offices

4. Complementary or competing org, local, state, national initiatives?

NY State mandate 2002 info be given to parents abut SBS before discharge from hospital. NY State mandate 2004, all parents must be offered opportunity to view SBS video before discharge from hospital.

5. Funding -

OCFS- William B Hoyt Children and Family Trust Fund, Kaleida Health, and WNY private insurers

6. SBS Prev Program Administration

  • Where in organization -Peds, and OB
  • Coordinator Position - 2- nurse coordinators

7. Financial or Collaborative Partners -

NYS Office of Children and Family Services

8. In Your State/s

  • Other hospital based SBS : Hudson Valley Initiative
  • Children's Trust Fund activity : OCFS
  • Media coverage: Whenever possible

9. How would you rate the support of your hosp or hosp system's Medical, Nursing, Social Service Administrators, Managers, patient care staff?


10. SBS Surveillance Data

  • Hospital data : Data from WCHOB and Golisano Children's Hospital @ Strong
  • State data- None

11. Greatest obstacles?

Nurse manager buy-in, and staff turn over

12. Greatest successes?

Consistent and sustained reduction in number of SBS cases.

13. Anything else you'd like to share about your SBS Prevention Program Story?

First program, used as model for many others.

14. Anything else youfd like to know about other HB programs?

15. Electronically accessible brochures, h/o's, materials?

YES , All Materials