SBS/AHT (shaken baby syndrome/abusive head trauma) is a term used to describe the constellation of signs and symptoms resulting from violent shaking or shaking and impacting of the head of an infant or small child.

Abundant information exists about SBS/AHT that makes it difficult to gather specific information which you seek. The National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome (NCSBS) has compiled articles and information from the wealth of knowledge and has recorded them in this section of the website. Among the information you'll find in this section are:

SBS Facing New Questions in Court?

In February of 2011, The New York Times (NYT) Magazine reported that a debate exists among medical and legal professionals concerning the conclusiveness of a shaken baby syndrome diagnosis. The reporter discusses three (3) cases in which the SBS diagnosis came into question, the resulting verdicts, and the questions surrounding the cases. You can read the full version of the article by clicking this link to the New York Times Magazine.

The article dangerously implies that numerous questions surround SBS diagnosis and potential prosecutions and leaves readers questioning whether suspects have been wrongfully convicted. This danger sparked action from the National Center as well as many of our colleagues in the legal, medical and prevention fields. Please follow this link to review responses from the National Center and our colleagues.