Shaken Baby Syndrome Survivor Raising Money for Hospital that Saved Her Life

26 January 2017

Jireh Joy Lima was shaken when she was five (5) months old and, fifteen (15) years later, the perpetrator is still unknown. Despite a perceived injustice, Jireh and her adoptive mother, Cheryl Lima, are grateful for Jireh's second chance at life.

A social worker responsible for working with Jireh's birth mother found Jireh emaciated, bleeding in her eyes and with a swollen head fifteen (15) years ago. Cheryl said that had another day went by without Jireh being checked on, Jireh likely would have died. Jireh underwent brain surgery prior to meeting her adoptive family at seven (7) months old and now belongs to a family of twelve (12) brothers and sisters. Cheryl credits Hasbro Children's Hospital in Rhode Island with saving Jireh's life, and now Jireh hopes to give back.

While Jireh was recovering in the hospital from her SBS injuries, she was given two (2) stuffed animals, one being a Saint Bernard named Rescue, which Jireh still owns to this day. Cheryl observed how Rescue helped provide comfort for Jireh in those early days of recovery. "The ears became her pacifier and that's what got her through a lot of tough times," says Cheryl. Jireh hopes to bring the same comfort to children at Hasbro Children's Hospital by donating stuffed animals to the hospital in celebration of her 16th birthday come this August, calling it a "celebration of survival."

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