Lifetime Cost of Abusive Head Trauma at Ages 0-4 Estimated $13.5 Billion

28 September 2017

The lifetime cost of the United States' Abusive Head Trauma (Shaken Baby Syndrome) cases in 2010 was an estimated $13.5 billion. Government sources paid an estimated $1.3 billion. When a child survives AHT, families, providers and caregivers can expect "a lifetime of potentially costly and life-threatening care needs." These needs can include mobility devices, prescription medications and physical therapy, just to name a few.

Prevention programs most importantly SAVE LIVES but also result in cost savings. "Out-of-pocket benefits of existing prevention programming would exceed its costs if it prevents 2% of cases."

The National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome is proud to have participated in this important study most recently published in the Prevention Science Journal in July 2017. This study provides the first well-founded U.S. estimate of lifetime costs associated with AHT.

Read the abstract to this study on the Springer Link website by clicking this button: Read Abstract