Pre-Conference Baby Boot Camp for Trauma Investigators

Pre-Conference NCSBS x NYC OCME Collaboration: Baby Bootcamp for Trauma Investigators

September 14, 2024: 9:00A - 12:30P

This symposium will provide invaluable training and information for medical, legal, judicial, and law enforcement professionals on the basics of pediatric trauma investigation.

Attendees of this conference will learn:

  • The fundamentals of medical findings/injuries commonly associated with sudden, unexplained death in babies and toddlers.
  • How the quality of the police investigation impacts the interpretation of the medical findings/injuries in abby and toddler fatality cases
  • Medical, legal and law enforcement investigative approaches through case examples.

The cost to attend this pre-conference bootcamp is $150 or can be combined as an add-on ticket to the SBS/AHT conference for $125.

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