Program Materials


The Period of PURPLE Crying is designed and approved by pediatricians, public health nurses, child development experts and parents. The program materials are:

  • Educational, attractive and relevant to all parents of newborns
  • Relevant for all parents while emphasizing the dangers of shaking a baby
  • Clear, memorable, and meaningful with a positive message
  • Presented at a grade 3 language level
  • Representative of multicultural and ethnic backgrounds
  • Acceptable to public health nurses; no bottles or blankets

Below are a few samples from the Period of PURPLE Crying video, booklet and reminder card and some clips from the Crying, Soothing and Coping: Doing What Comes Naturally video.

The program materials include:

Booklet + Web and Mobile App

  • Available in English, Spanish and French
  • Full color 10-page booklet
  • Parent Reminder Card
  • Web and mobile app including:
    • 10-minute PURPLE Crying video
    • 17-minute Crying, Soothing, Coping: Doing What Comes Naturally video
    • 10-page e-booklet

PURPLE AppSpread

The mobile app is a useful and informative tool for parents to not only learn about normal infant crying and the dangers of shaking a baby, but it also addresses other extremely important health and safety topics. The app also features a baby tracker and news section that is continually updated. Please watch the video below to learn about all the unique features of the Period of PURPLE Crying mobile app.